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Air and Ocean Export: A training guide for the international shipping industry

Air and Ocean Export was written and designed by Bob Crimmins as a workbook for his training classes. Crimmins has been in international shipping for over 27 years. He began in an entry level position with a Houston company in 1982. He stated, "It is very hard to gain access to this industry if you have no experience and you don't know someone in the industry.

"When I first began teaching air and ocean export classes a few years ago, I tried to find a basic manual that would show people how the industry works from the U.S. side of things There was nothing out there. Yes, there are college courses to take, but I soon realized that they still did not teach a person how to actually move cargo from point A to B: the basics of moving cargo.

"I started writing the book from an operational perspective and tried to keep it as simple as I could. Despite my efforts at simplicity, some parts will seem confusing, especially the math of logistics. "I wrote this book with three groups in mind: recent high school graduates, college graduates, and 40 and older men and women who are burned out at their dead-end jobs and want a chance to make some real money in a job where they can really help people.

"If you are a recent high school graduate, you will be making more money in long term than your competitors who specialize in the industry simply because your career will have a four- to five-year jump on their careers. Besides, you can always study on line at night to get the credentials you need to work for one of the large corporations. "College graduates are finding that this industry is huge. Almost every company in the world needs logistics to move their products, and you can work in nearly any industry that sells their products to a global market.

"If you've reached midlife and want to start a fresh, exciting new career, logistics might be just the ticket for you. Combine the experience you already have in your present field with the information you will gain from this manual, you will be ready for an exciting new chapter in your professional career. "Even retired and semi-retired folks are working part time in Logistics. There are so many jobs available, that companies are happy to hire both fulltime and part-time employees."

200 pages (Softcover) 8 1/2 X 11 format