Quick Guide to Writing

66 total pages (Softcover) 6 X 9 format

Quick Guide to Writing Fiction

Mark Stepp has summarized nearly 40 years of professional writing tips into 66 pages. There is no hype in this book. There are no long winded, drawn out explanations about how to convert your writing style into something entirely different.

The Quick Guide to Writing Fiction was designed for the serious writer who wants to make a living writing fiction books. The author is not selling a writing program. He does not have nine other books in a series for you to buy. The book is short and to the point.

Stepp is a professional editor. Quick Guide to Writing Fiction is a book about how to write an exciting, interesting book that will sell, how to win an editor's heart, and how to capture your readers. If you've never attended a professional writing class, then this book will open up new worlds for you. If you've spent a small fortune on writing books and still cannot interest a publisher in your work, then you need the information in this book.

The main topics include the following subjects:
  • how to develop a plot on the fly
  • how to build a standard plot
  • building personality sketches
  • how to develop your point of view characters
  • when and how to use pointers and inversions
  • know when and how to use detail to enhance characters and the plot
  • use outlines to organize your writing
  • use timing to your advantage
  • understand when, why and how to add suspense
  • how to use the twist
Stepp explains how to find new ideas for your book and how to turn those ideas into well organized plots. He explains everything in simple English and tells you how to keep it all organized.

Mark Stepp is the managing editor of Old American Publishing. He has made his living his entire adult life as a writer and editor. In addition to being a fiction author, he is a former newspaper and magazine editor.