Writing your Hometown History

38 total pages (Softcover) 6 X 9 format

So you want to write a Hometown History book

Old American Publishing is always looking for new writers who want to write about the communities where they live. If you are looking to make a name for yourself as a writer in your hometown and you would like to earn money writing, we may be the right publisher for you.

Old American Publishing is not a subsidy publisher. We do not charge our authors for any of our services. We make our money from the sales of your books. If your books do not sell, then we do not make money.

We offer step-by-step guidance and advice about what to do. We will custom design an appropriate cover for your book (no charge to you), or you can submit your own cover, designed by your graphic artist to your specifications (at your cost). We will layout your book, choose the appropriate typestyle and interior design that best suits your book (all at no charge to you).

One of our qualified editors will work with you to properly edit your book. We will even help you rewrite your book, if needed.

We will explain the best methods for advertising and promoting your book--tried and tested methods that our authors use. Again, we do not charge for our services. However, you will be solely responsible for any advertising or promotional costs you contract for, and we do not allow you to contract for services in our name. We will send two review copies to your local newspapers at our expense, along with a carefully written news release that they can use to promote you and your book.

On top of all that, we pay some of the best royalties in the industry.

Getting Started

We recommend that you purchase a book (Writing your Hometown History) by our managing editor, Mark Stepp, but it is not a requirement. Writing your Hometown History will explain what you can expect and what you will need to do. About the author

Once you have studied Writing your Hometown History, send an email to Ronnie Wilder, acquisitions manager. You will be ready to begin your career as a professional writer and hometown historian.

More information

Mark Stepp is the managing editor of Old American Publishing. He has made his living his entire adult life as a writer and editor. In addition to being a book author, he is a former newspaper and magazine editor. The primary business of Old American Publishing is publishing hometown history books.