Historic Inns and Eateries

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Historic Inns and Eateries in the State of Jefferson

by Gail L. Jenner and Bernita L. Tickner

Northern California and southern Oregon boast some of the most beautiful landscape in America. If you are planning a journey to see the rocky coast of California or the beautiful falls and mountain forests of sourthern Oregon, you owe it to yourself to get a copy of this book. The authors have given us a bird's eye view of this amazing countryside, and they have listed most (if not all) of the best restaurants and Inns this two-state area has to offer. They even managed to get some of the most famous recipes the local establishments have to offer.

"...the State of Jefferson exists, and it exists as more than a fantasy." According to many who reside here, the real State of Jefferson, however, is characterized by a state of mind, not a state with borders. Thus, today's Jefferson-staters can be found in counties along the California coast or down in the Sacramento Valley, near the Nevada state line, or across southern Oregon, which means there are potentially more areas that claim the designation than those included in this guidebook. We have selected, therefore, those counties that have been consistently identified with the geographical boundaries of the one-time "49th" state and today's "proposed 51st" state."

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