Velda Brotherton Velda Brotherton
A native of Arkansas, in 1972 Ms. Brotherton returned from her wanderings to settle not fifteen miles from where she was born. That move into the rugged Ozarks brought about her desire to write. By 1987 her work was being published in several local newspapers. In 1990 she was hired as a feature writer and editor for The Washington County Observer. Her historical columns were a natural progression from those earlier days. Her fiction and nonfiction writing has won several awards. She lives in Arkansas in the heart of the Boston Mountains with her husband where she continues to write. Her daughter and grandchildren live nearby.

List of publications

Nonfiction books

Wandering In The Shadows of Time: An Ozarks Odyssey Seven Oaks Publishing 1994

Washington County: An Image of America Series from Arcadia 1999

The Biography of Maud Duncan in Arkansas Biography: A Collection of Notable Lives University of Arkansas Press 2000
Springdale: The Courage of Shiloh from Arcadia 2002

Three articles for Springdale; Maud Duncan; and Northwest Arkansas Writers- in Arkansas Encyclopedia Online 2007-8

Lore of the Ozarks: Off The Beaten Path

Presently, she writes a weekly historical column for The White River Valley News called Wandering the Ozarks.

Ozarks Mountaineer Magazine: Articles on the history of various Ozark subjects, including the following:
The Ozark Native Craft Shop
The Butterfield Overland Mail Route
Ivan Denton Carver
She also writes a monthly historical column for Life in the Ozarks, an online newspaper and several articles for small regional magazines.

Fiction publications
Novels (and pen names)
Goldspun Promises by Elizabeth Gregg 1994
Moonspun Dreams by Elizabeth Gregg 1995
Brightspun Destiny by Elizabeth Gregg 1996
Images In Scarlet by Samantha Lee 1998
Angel's Gold by Samantha Lee 1999 (Pseudonyms)
Fly With The Mourning Dove was published in 2007

Short Story Anthologies:
Echoes of the Ozarks - five volumes
Mysteries of the Ozarks - two volumes
Voices - three volumes
Writing on Walls - two volumes
Skipping Stones - one volume

Ms. Brotherton also writes blogs on the following subjects:
travel journal of her travels
lawmen and outlaws in Arkansas