The Boston Mountains

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Boston Mountains: Lost in the Ozarks

by Velda Brotherton

The Boston Mountains lie in the heart of the Ozarks and sprawl throughout Arkansas and into a small portion of Oklahoma. The rolling hills are covered with tall oak trees and hundreds of small, meandering, spring-fed, clear-water streams. Those streams and rivers are the favorite haunts of Arkansas and Oklahoma fishermen and hunters. The land is home to whitetail deer, mountain lions, black bears, and a thousand other woodland creatures.

Velda Brotherton spent two years capturing the heart and soul of the countryside and its people. The book contains 192 photographs and drawings as well as stories of many lost communities.

The territory was the land of the Osage Indians before the federal government purchased it as the new home for the Cherokee Nation. As was typical of most Indian tribes at that time, though, the Osage had little or no concept of land ownership. The earth, they believed, was part of them; it was not something they could own anymore than they could own the air they breathed. In 1828 the Cherokee were moved west into Indian Territory and the land no longer belonged to the Osage or the Cherokee, but rather to a new breed of man, the American pioneer.

The Boston Mountains: Lost in the Ozarks is the story of those hardy pioneers who wrested a living from that stony wilderness. Often their story was one of death and destruction, but for the most part those pioneers grew to be as tough as the land they called home.


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